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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Sufra

When a place claims their food is authentic, we expect it to be authentic. If we are sold water in a coke bottle, we would definitely have a problem. That's how we can best describe our experience at Sufra by Moshes.
Having lived in the gulf for over a decade, we definitely can't go wrong in how an authentic Chicken Shawarma should taste. The Shawarma at Sufra, priced at Rs.150, almost double of the other Shawarma places, was served in a Roti like bread, definitely not pita. The bread was half cooked and most of it got stuck to the paper that it was served in.

Need we say more? Although the flavours were good, but the bread put us off completely, compelling us to trash more than half of it. Opt for Carters Blue Shawarmas or a roll from Maroosh instead and you won't be disappointed.

Venue: Sufra
Carter Road, Bandra
Landmark:  Near Oceanic Building

Phone: 26497259

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