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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Restaurant Review: The Jail Restaurant & Lounge

When I got to know that I was going to visit The Jail Restaurant and Lounge for a shoot, I was more than excited. This theme restaurant opened a few months back, towards the start of 2010 and is a huge place, around 3800 sq feet. The interiors appear to be an outcome of a lot of efforts. The restaurant is divided into three segments, the fine dining which is called 'The Courtyard', the lounge area and five different cells named and themed after the baddies of Bollywood. There's Mogambo, Don, Bandit Queen, Gabbar Singh and Shakaal, one cell dedicated to each of these baddies who have never been behind bars in their respective movies!

And the interesting part is that next to each of their photo, you'll find a souvenir, like Don's glares, Gabbar's belt and Mogambo's entire costume! Check it out.

If that's not all, you can actually sit inside a police van and dine! Wow. Kids would love this place but unfortunately they allow adults only, as they claim that the Jail theme wouldn't go well with children. So with due respects, this place is really fascinating and worth a experience.

Coming to the food, they serve Continental and Indian. Taste and quality wise the food was average and priced on the higher end. Go here for the ambience and keep your expectations low when it comes to the food, so that you don't step out disappointed.

Venue: The Jail Restaurant & Lounge, 3rd Floor, Sindhudurga Bhawan, Above Grande Imperial Banquets, RTO Road, 4 Bungalows, 

Landmark: Near Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
  • Phone:   26316100, 26316101
  • Meal For Two: Rs 1000

Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Top 'N Town

An ice-cream parlour with a dedicated section of Sundaes, that's what was impressive about Top 'N Town. This place is located close to Mega Mall and is hard to miss as it's quite big. As you enter, the pleasant ambience and enthusiastic service will delight you.

As we moved to the counter, the staff convinced us to try some of the interesting ice-cream flavours like the Fruit Cocktail and the Black Currant. However, we were won over by the gorgeous looking Sundaes and opted for the American Chocolate Sundae. Hot chocolate, Vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream and walnuts, that’s how this irresistible dessert was prepared. It was sinful, delicious and we completely digged into it. 

With exciting flavours and balloons all over the place, this one is a treat for children. They also have a lot of other options on the menu like shakes, shooters, sodas, frappes, softies and cold coffees. Ice creams and sundaes range from Rs 30 - Rs 100. 

Venue: Top 'N Town, Shop No 11, Mira Tower, Off New Link Road, Oshiwara, Andheri (W)
Phone: 26332298
American Chocolate Sundae: Rs 75

Friday, June 11, 2010

Store Review - Zara, Mumbai

Yes, finally the prayers of us, Mumbaikars, have been answered. The brand Zara opens it's first fashion outlet at Palladium Mall in Phoenix Mills. A little birdie had informed me that this new outlet in Mumbai is going to be one of the most expensive outlet in the world. And as I stepped into the store I expected it to be crowded with window shoppers. But surprisingly, there were women, men and children, stocking up their shopping carts like there's no tomorrow. A glance at the fitting rooms and the cash counter actually got me worried, cause the queue seemed never ending.

And these shoes, are certainly on my wishlist! Don't you dare eye 'em!

What you should look out for: Ladies, the shoes are going to make you go bonkers! They start at about 2k and go higher. You'd love the stilletos and wedges. The tops start at Rs 700 and go upto 3k and higher. Dresses start at Rs 1.5k. 
Men, you should totally check the blazers and fedoras out. They are absolutely stunning!
Lastly, the adorable swim suits and frilly skirts will totally make your children look like angels!

Overall, Zara is not overpriced for sure but if you plan to go there, make sure your pockets are full :)
Zara, welcome to Mumbai!

Venue: Zara, Palladium Mall, Ground Floor, 
            Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hide. Aim. Shoot.

After watching the T.V. series How I Met Your Mother and claiming to be a hardcore Barney fan, I couldn't not suit up and go play lazer tag! So after a long tiring day at work, me along with a couple of friends decided to go shoot each other and welcome the weekend with some fun.
All geared up, we headed to Chitrakoot Grounds and were amazed to find some other fun activities like Bungee Soccer and Sumo Wrestling there as well. But we had set our minds on lazer tag and so we did.

The set up was in an open ground with some barriers thrown around for the participants to hide. We suited up and got our lazer guns triggered. Once we were in, we forgot everything that was on our mind and went crazy running, hiding, aiming and shooting. The game went on for ten minutes. Even though before entering we thought, it would be less, by the eight minute we were sweaty and tired. This was one hell of an experience and you get no points for guessing who won! ;)

The bottom line is, if you are stressed and need to get rid of all the frustration, spare the people around you and opt for lazer tag! And you might just surprise yourself by discovering your shooting capabilities.

Venue: Chitrakoot Grounds, Next to Fun Republic, Andheri (W)
Lazertag: Rs 180 per person
Sumo Wrestling: Rs 120 per person

Bungee Soccer: Rs 120 per person

P.S: I'm soon gonna go back there for the Sumo Wrestling bit ;) Watch out opponent!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Restaurant Review: Pronto

I'm not a very big fan of Italian food, but yeah, once in a while, I really don't mind it. Scouting around the city is a part of my job, and on one such aimless roaming day, I came across this little cozy eatery at Hill Road called Pronto. I kept my expectations low when I first stepped in cause the place was empty, unless I count the waiters.

Yeah, so I called for the Pasta Arrabiata with Penne. Honestly, I'm a cheese person and not quite fond of the red sauce pasta, but for some absurd reason, I decided to try this one. And trust me, I've gone there three times till date, and only ordered for the Arrabiata! It's just perfect! Spicy, tangy and well-cooked. You already have a fan, Pronto!

Venue: Pronto, Hill Road, Next to Falafels
Pasta Arrabiata: Rs 140