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Monday, August 29, 2011

Review: Mohammad Ali Road

The feast that follows after strict fasting, is quite delightful. Yes, we are talking about the iftaar that happens during the ramzaan period, and the best place to experience this is the famous, Mohammad Ali Road! Even though we don’t deserve this feast as much as they do, we still decided to treat our tummies for some street side tandoori chickens and bheja fries!

The Mohammad Ali road, as you enter, is surrounded by the aroma of kebabs and biryanis. The Minara Masjid lane is one of the most buzzing streets of that area. From the first stall to the last, you will see colourful kebabs, tandoori legs and other delicacies being prepared freshly with oodles of oil and butter!

Besides chicken, there’s mutton, bheja fry, kaleja and dishes that you might have never even heard of. If there was a word called super-delicious, it would have been added to the dictionary after an experience right here, at Mohammad Ali Road. But caution, this is not for the weak stomachs, and certainly not for the faint hearted. The tonnes of oil, butter and masalas that they use, would undoubtedly upset the stomachs of those who are not used to hogging on roadside junk. 

If you are one of those junkies, make sure you go here before Eid and enjoy the food as well as the irresistible dessert options like the Mango Kheer, Rasmalai, Malpua, Chamcham and lots more! Weightwatchers, you can most certainly ignore this post ;)

PS: Make sure you are prepared for the crowded tiny lanes and the traffic honks. Recommended: Use the public transport as there are parking constraints and carry enough cash cause they don't accept cards out here! 

Timings: 6 30 PM - 5 AM

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: LSD - Love, Sugar, Dough

We were passing the little lane to get to Carter Road when we stumbled upon a tiny colourful eatery which was screaming out to us. LSD - Love, Sugar, Dough is a brand new dessert shop and bakery that sells irresistible desserts and scrumptious baked goods.

Extremely colourful and vibrant, these adjectives describe the interiors of the place and also the display of cupcakes which interestingly has small and large cupcakes with different shades of frosting. Run by Sheeba Hasan - a major in marketing and Tarannum Aziz - a baker since twelve years, this place looks like it has been designed with a lot of love. 

Their menu comprises of croissants, sandwiches, breads, toasties, biryanis, beverages, pastries, cheesecakes and cupcakes. Okay, stop drooling! They also customise cupcakes and are soon going to start with cakes. 

The highlights of their menu are the 'Ferrero Rocher Croissant' and the 'Sip - a - brownie' shake! Their cupcakes are also quite delicious and they are definitely giving some tough competition to their very popular neighbour. 

31 Bajaj Arcade, Union Park, Bandra (W)
Landmark: Next to Butterfly Cupcakes

Phone: 32229654, 26052028

Ferrero Rocher Croissant : Rs 60
Sip - A - Brownie : Rs 70 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Foster's PET Bottle

Foster's Draught has launched its new PET bottle with the idea of keeping it fresh! The best part about this bottle is that it's plastic and can be kept fresh for a longer time after opening it. At our Foster's Art of Chilling party, we enjoyed the 1 litre bottles of Foster's Draught without any bottles breaking at the end of the party ;) Sharing some pictures of the same! Enjoy and the next time you plan to buy beer, opt for the Foster's PET bottle, it's safer, convenient and stays fresh longer!

Price:  Rs 150 per bottle (1 litre)
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