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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jack & Jones, Vero Moda & Only Super Sale!

Wondering what the buzz is about, Mumbai Candid gives you a sneak peak into the Saturday Super sale at Vero Moda, Only and Jack & Jones. An attempt to bring the international concept of Super Sale to India, the Santacruz outlet has organizes a day long sale. The response is unbelievably crazy. Crowds waiting outside the store for hours. 

The good stuff was sold out in the first two hours with barely anything remaining for the late-comers. Unlike the international super sales, the stock wasn't as discounted as it was expected to be. Almost everything ranged above Rs 1,000 (a complete let down). If you are still planning to go for the sale, a suggestion from us, go back home. Pay a little more money on the regular days for the better stuff (not just the leftovers) and skip the long waiting queues followed by the longer queues at the cash counters.

To all those who are still planning to go for the super sale, we wish you some super luck! Do share your shopping pictures with us on our facebook page!

Venue: Vero Moda, Jack & Jones & Only
Opp. Elite Studios, Linking Road
Santacruz (W)


Chetna said...

Chandni !! thx for the heads-up on the sale fiasco. Was sensible enough to stay away when I read the comments on Vero Moda FB page about the 2 hr queues. It just makes more sense to go and buy when they have their annual sales. Its spread over weeks and at the end one does get 70% off also on some items.

Chandni Tolani said...

Absolutely! It's madness out there! Better pay a little more and skip those long queues :)

Roxanne Dsouza said...

Actually I went for the sale, I reached there at 10 and was in the first 'lot' that was allowed to go in..
Sure there was a rush and a 'small' line..

And there were really really good things too!!

I picked a J&J shirt for my bf (1995), a lace tube dress in cream (1345), a white printed tee (445), a black blazer jacket (3295) a shirt style tunic (1545), a satin silk ganji with buttons in front (1145) and lastly a pair of dark grey jeans with a few shreds (3295).. My total was 13065 and with the discount I paid 5226 for 7 items! Including jeans and a party dress and a blazer..

I think it was a really good bargain..

Roxanne Dsouza said...

Oh and one more thing.. I heard that they were re-stocking at 3pm..

Don't kno if its true however..

Chandni Tolani said...

Thanks Roxanne for your feedback. Good to know that there was stuff worth buying! :)

Roxanne Dsouza said...

No problem!

Funny thing is, I went again at 8 30pm, just for fun sakes. I was initially supposed to go with a colleague after work, but we went before instead, so we wanted to see how it would have been like if we stuck to our original plan..

It was still a little crowded, however lesser than the morning, but the check out was a lot bigger than earlier, and most clothes looked 'almost damaged' tags ripped off and some were on the floor and people were stepping over them!

The clothes I bought at 10am were still available (sizes too) at 8:30pm